Unraveling the Ro-WAITER Robot's Impact on Restaurant Dynamics

  • The Ro-WAITER robot is designed to streamline restaurant operations by taking on the role of a server. Equipped with advanced sensors and AI algorithms, it navigates through the dining area, delivering orders with precision and efficiency.

  • The efficiency of these robots reduces the need for an extensive human workforce, especially for routine tasks such as order delivery.
  • Restaurant owners and managers can leverage this valuable information to make data-driven decisions, such as optimizing menu offerings.
  • Adjusting staffing levels during peak hours, and refining overall service strategies for improved customer satisfaction.

Introducing the RO-Waiter in our Platform

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Admirable Mobility

It can go through a narrow path of only 65cm, making it an ideal choice in complex and in the crowded environment.

Astute Obstacle Avoidance

It can have a feature that is a dynamic real-time obstacle detection for safer and more flexible traveling.

Smart Emotions & Voice Package

It can have a multiple face emotions, reactions and intelligent voice packages.

Product Parameters


Navigation System

Slam Navigation

Navigation Sensor

Camera / Lidar

Operating Environment

Indoor & Hotels Transportation of Foods











Load Capacity


Number of Plates

3 Plates


Battery Runtime

5 hours (Can be Extended)

Max Speed

1.0 m/s



LiFe Po4

Battery Capacity

30 AH

Charging Time

2 Hours

Charging Mode

Automated / Manual Type



Ros 1/ Ros 2


Ros 1/ Ros 2

Stop Accuracy

0.05 m


3.5 GHz


Emergency Switch

Load Capacity

Parent parameter

parent parameter

Why Choose Us

Navigation System

The implication is that an smart dinner robot can map its surroundings and pinpoint its location utilising in the information from the environment.

Obstacle Avoidance

Our RO - Waiter that can automatically sense the Obstacle in front of it and avoid them by turning itself in another direction. This Design allows the robot to navigate in an unknown environment by avoiding collisions.

Voice Recognition

The Robot can interact through voice commands and include voice recognition features, certian greetings can be pre-programmed.

Face Recognition

Our RO-Waiter can include facial recognition capacity.Employees of the Hotels or the restaurant the robot can easily recognize their faces.

AI Reports

The robot can generate the AI Reports and the are workin beyond the excellence.

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