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PLANS 1 Month Trial & 12 Month Pack
MONTHLY PRICE 1 Month - INR 45,000, 12 Months- INR 40,000
PAYMENT TERMS Payable in Advance Quaterly or half Yearly for 12 Months Pack
TRANSPORT COSTS Inward Cost to be Bourne by Cliet on Actuals, Outward will be Bourne by Team Robotics
INSURANCE Mandate to be Paid by Client on Actuals, Bank will be Introduced by Team Robotics
MOVEMENT All movement from Delivery Premise to any other Premise will be Reported and handle by Alphadroid for Maximum Safety on a Chargable Basis
TAXES All taxes Additional at 18% GST
PLANS One-time Outright Purchase
PRICE INR 7,50,000
PAYMENT TERMS Payable Upfront
SERVICE COSTS Included in First Year & From Second Year- 12% of Outright Purchase Cost. Any Additional Customisation is Chargeable.
TRANSPORT COSTS Inward Cost to be Bourne by Client on Actuals
INSURANCE Optional for Client, However Recommended by Team Robotics
MOVEMENT Client is Free to Move the Premise at will and can also Request Team Robotics for Movement on a Chargebale Basis
TAXES All taxes Additional at 18% GST


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